June 19, 2008

Who's This?

No, I'm not talking about Will and Charlize and all their "extra" canoodling at the London premiere of their movie "Hancock".  I'm talking about the two fab chicks in the background looking mad suspect!  Whoever they are, they're awesome!  Even though whatever's going on in this pic is probably innocent, you know these chicks wish they could get on the phone to Jada to let her know what's up.  You can see it all over their faces.


  1. I like the girl on the right. She is totally pulling the what the hell face!

  2. seeeeee i said this in a post you made like a week ago...will is looking really suspect these days while hanging with charlize woman...i mean all in the public eye making his wife look like a fool...i dunno man.

  3. Honestly, Will & Jada were the last hope for hollywood marriages. We are doomed.

  4. i dont know man, thats two really beautiful people together. charlize is freakin irresistible....

    it would be pretty damn sad though

    those chicks in the background are hilarious