June 12, 2008

Wow. Just.. WOW.

I spotted these over at C+D. Itty bitty high-heel shoes for infant baby girls. 0-6 months old.  I have a brand new niece who is a month old this month, and this is.. not... you know what? NOPE. I'm not feeling this.

Heelarious Heels are advertised as funny, completely soft, fully functional high-heel crib shoes for babies ["fully functional?" REALLY?]. 


  1. Wow this is just wrong on so many levels. Child abuse! seeiously what kind of whack individual would put this on their baby? or anyone's baby for that matter?

  2. ...and just what makes it so funny? The joke will be on the mamas in about 13 years.

  3. I saw this on the news...the heels are soft so I don't see a problem for the child's posture or anything like that, but they just look stupid on a little kid. They look so much cuter in sandles and sneakers.