July 7, 2008

Well Alright Then Patti...

Hey ya'll!  I'm back from Atlanta!  Did I have a great time with my family?  Why yes, I did.  But apparently, so did the people who attended the 2008 Essence Music Festival in New Orleans this past weekend. Patti LaBelle was one of the many performers during the 4th of July weekend (she also received a tribute in her honor) in New Orleans, and  she wore this short yellow mini dress during her performance.  I'm not even mad at her, she looks good in it. The Essence Fest looks like it was a real good time.. head on over to C+D to see a few more pics from this fabulous weekend.

1 comment:

  1. Now I'm officially convinced Loubs can and will make everyone's legs look magical.

    Patti looks great!