July 1, 2008

CNN's "Black in America" Premieres This Month...

CNN's 6 hour television event, "Black in America" premieres later this month (July 23-24). I'll definitely be watching.


  1. All this show is going to do is admit to the states as a whole that part of the black mentality is "we can't make it unless we get a hand-out from others."

  2. You CANNOT be serious with that comment anonymous, seriously. Are you honestly making a judgement on this program and on part of "the black mentality" as you put it, before even having seen it? Do you even know black people? Have you ever had a conversation with a black person? Or are you making a judgement based on what you've seen and heard on television?

    Sweeping generalizations like the one you made about "part of the black mentality is we can't make it unless we get a handout from others.." is dangerously close to ignorance and racism. Figure this out and then go out and educate yourself better.

    And I'm through.

  3. You about my racism and education with zero knowledge of MY background, COLOR, and upbringing.

  4. Exactly ANONYMOUS! I don't have full knowledge of your background, COLOR and upbringing, and why is that?? Because YOU choose to come on this site, make judgemental comments and be ANONYMOUS. I based my comment on what you said, which was all I had to go on, not what you are.

  5. I would encourage anyone who is pessimistic about the series to look at the preview - which clearly illustrates that this is not likely to be endless hours about "the system." Additionally, NBC did a series on black women months ago and the "message" was not big government related. Annon, if you don't want to watch the program, that is your right, but there is no reason to be disparaging and discouraging when nary a minute of content has aired.

  6. For an African American Buddhist perspective on CNN's upcoming series Black America check out my blog (July 23-24):


    The Original Black Buddha

  7. No one wants a hand out, just equality. It's better, but nowhere near where it needs to be. Decades after the Civil Rights era, things are different, but still very much the same:



    CNN's piece, Black in America, was grossly negative and completely offensive....so offensive at times it became comical.

    Rather than call it 'Black in America', they should have called it 'The Problems Afflicting Blacks in America' That way we would all know it wasn't designed to be fair and balanced journalism.

    1. Here's a fact - Not all black men are cracked out, crack selling, absentee dads with criminal records.
    2. Another fact - Not all black women are single, poor, desperate souls looking for a mate...any mate.
    3. And another fact - Not all black people who have 'made it' come from families of crack selling, cracked out absentee dads and single, poor desparate mothers.

    SoleDUMB O'Brien must be desperate for air time...or maybe she got DUPED.

    After seeing the Black in America "special", I don't know if I can continue watching CNN.

    And....let's face it, the timing of that piece was no coincidence... the general election is less than 100 days away.

    Obama '08!

  9. We have a deep wound in our hearts and minds about what it truly means to be black in America. Let them say what they will. We have weathered worse storms.

    Let's put our energy into finding ways to accept our differences, to find reasons to work together rather than argue, to see our mutual interests instead of further separating ourselves with insensitive attitudes.

    We can do this and no one can stop us.