July 17, 2008

Dress Innovation on Project Runway...

This is the winning dress from the premiere episode designed by Kelli and modeled by Germaine.  This dress was made out of vacuum cleaner bags among other things and the skirt was dyed for a marbled effect.

This is the dress that should have won IMHO designed by Daniel and modeled by Elena.  This dress was made from plastic cups. Plastic cups!  This dude went into the grocery store and went straight for the plastic cups!  I swear, I wouldn't have done that.  But congrats to him for having the boldness to try something new and for "making it work". The majority of the other designers did great work too, but a lot of them got points taken away for using materials that resembled fabric too closely (tablecloths, shower curtains, trash bags, etc.).  I can't even hate on them though, I would have bought a newspaper from the grocery store and just made a dress out of that.  See the rest of the runway looks from the Season 5 premiere episode here.

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  1. I liked Daniel's cup dress also.

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