July 30, 2008

DVF Inducted to Fashion Walk of Fame...

Designer Diane von Furstenberg attended the Fashion Walk of Fame induction ceremony at the Bryant Park Grill on July 30, 2008 in NYC where she was honored with a star.  I ♥ DVF, she's classy and she makes classy clothes. Liz Claiborne also received the Walk of Fame honor posthumously, her former husband accepted in her stead. 

Diane von Furstenberg was awarded a star on New York City's Seventh Avenue last week, the equivalent of a star on Hollywood's 'Walk of Fame' for New York City-based designers.

While plenty of designers come along and make an initial splash, few of them will have the mettle to slug it out for several decades and build a brand with longevity. This is precisely what
Diane von Furstenberg has achieved and it's no fluke. While many still remember her as the woman who gave us the wrap dress in the 1970's, it would be simplistic to reduce her considerable influence on fashion to a mere dress, as fantastically practical and elegant as that dress may be. From the start, her fashion shows have been among the few that consistently feature models of every hue and ethnicity, her fashions can be worn elegantly by women of all shapes, sizes and ages and at its core, her corporate message is about the empowerment of women. So, it's about time the fashion industry recognized her considerable contributions to women's fashion. Congratulations DVF - the star on Seventh Avenue is well deserved!

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