July 11, 2008

Friday Links!

The New 3G iPhone is available today!

Not rushing out to the get the new 3G model because you already have the 1st gen model? Guess what? You can get the new 2.0 iPhone downloads and, "poof!" You're brand new!

Look for a "Sex and the City" movie sequel, because it looks like it's actually gonna happen.

[Pink Rock Candy]

It's being reported that Alicia Keys beat out Beyonce and Amy Winehouse to sing the title song for the next 007 movie. [E Online]

High-Water Pants and Cutoff Jeans for Men. I do not approve of this. 
[NY Magazine]

Are you a fashion "copycat?" [Glamour Blog]


  1. Hey Chanel!

    I'm not sure if you know about this, but I just stumbled upon a blog that's using your content without linking back to you. I know there' been a lot of problems lately in the blogosphere with people stealing content, so I just wanted to let you know. disregard this if you gave them permission. Here's the link: http://www.joez.org/friday-links/

  2. 'Preciate that Chelsea, thanks.

  3. -wow tocarra looked great.

    -most of fashion is copying, remixing & inspiring.

    -high waisted for me - oh no!!