July 17, 2008

My Newspaper & Coffee Filter Dress...

I was a little inspired by Project Runway last night, so this morning I draped and pinned this dress out of last Sunday's paper, 7 coffee filters and a sheet of calendar paper for the belt. Seriously, why do I have all this time on my hands, right?! Believe me, it was a rare occasion this morning. And it took all of an hour and a half to finish. Anyhoo, I was pretty pleased with it, although the back of it looked more like an apron to me once it was complete. But bump what I think, I wanna know what you guys think! You be the judge... in the words of Heidi Klum, either I'm in, or I'm out. Vote below!

Thank's ya'll! An overwhelming 93.8% of ya'll liked my newspaper and coffee filter dress and voted to "keep me in!" And your comments were super reassuring. Now I'm extra encouraged to do even more Project Runway challenges! And by "more challenges" I mean only the ones I like and have time to finish. Thanks again for your positive response! 


  1. I'm wondering if thats a 4/6 because I want that dress ahahah...SERIOUSLY

  2. Definitely IN. That's very cute.

    I was thinking about whipping up something myself and posting it. Now I'm even more motivated.

  3. you're in! that's adorable!

  4. You're a in... Love the outfit is it a size 4... if ship it my way

  5. LOVE IT, the back is fabulous!!! IN!

  6. love the coffee filter ruffle at the bottom

    ...you're in!

  7. UNbelievable! You are SO IN!!! Look at your attention to detail! Wow!!!

  8. hahahah so cute u really did a good job !! all of dat wit paper !!! luv it

  9. I vote in.

    lol @ why do I have this much time on my hands?

    It's always nice to do something fun and creative, nice use of spare time.