July 16, 2008

Repeat Cycle.

Is this Dolce & Gabbana dress on heavy rotation or what?!  Khloe Kardashian wore the dress to her 24th birthday party in Las Vegas, then Lauren Conrad wore the dress to the "Batman Dark Knight" premiere in NYC, and then figure skater Michelle Kwan wore the dress to the ESPY Awards in Los Angeles on July 16, 2008.  But what I wanna know is, who had the look on lock?


  1. As much as I hate to say this...I think Lauren wore it best. Michelle looks lovely, but I wish she'd have swapped the necklace for a bracelet. And Khloe just looks awful

  2. I think Khloe looks nice...for once

  3. I love Khloe in it. The shoes did it for me!