July 18, 2008


This right here needs to stop.  These chicks look a crispy mess!  A natural glow is fine, but when you look like you deep fried yourself, then threw yourself in the oven on a high broil, then it's time to slow down on this foolishness.

Jo De La Rosa (center, from "The Real Housewives of Orange County") and guests attended the MGM Grand bash on July 17th in Los Angeles.


  1. I think its great that you are focused on Jo De La Rosa and her friends because they are so hot. What is so funny is I have seen the original picture and its not that dark but if you guys wanna use the girls for an example its ok with me. One should note De La Rosa is a latina from peru and should be dark. She is even a hotter singer than she is a looker,

  2. You are so right! That is waaaaaaay too much spray tan, even half would be too much.
    Haven't they got a mother to tell them that they look ridiculous? Mine would.

  3. How do you know that a couple of those girls arent NATURALLY that tan?
    The brunettes look to be of latin origin and I don't see anything wrong with them. The blonde... well shes another story.

  4. Those girls might be just a little dark but if you have a tan from the sun and you get spray tanned you look extra dark and I think it looks hot!! MetropoliTAN spray tan most likely sprayed them they do alot of celebrities. There spraying me tomorrow for the VMA's on Sunday. Check out there website www.downtownlatan.com