July 3, 2008

Steve & Barry's Facing Possible Bankruptcy...

The discount chain Steve & Barry's, home to celeb lines such as "Bitten" by Sarah Jessica Parker, "Eleven" by Venus Williams, and "Starbury" by Stephon Marbury is facing possible bankruptcy according to Marketwatch.  The chain is said to be having trouble paying the bills and is considering bankruptcy and liquidation maybe as early as this week.  Sad.  


  1. Hi Chanel :)!!!
    Steven Barry's possible...bankruptcy??? I'm not that much surprise by this, they're fashions tend to be MORE on the order of it just being tooooo plain, has no character let alone color to it, not something that the "average" fashionable person would want, and the MOST important of them all; it's just made too cheap far as the farbics goes...but the prices are wonderful. They also have Amanda Bynes NEW line featured in there...but I guess not even SHE and her status, could save the company. Mabye they should seek for new up and coming designers :)