July 23, 2008

Tina Turner in a Jumpsuit...

I first spotted this pic over at C+D, and I'm not feeling this jumpsuit look on you at all Ms. Tina. Let your stylist know next time, that she needs to stick to what works.

Tina Turner and Giorgio Armani attended a ceremony for honorees of France's Legion D'Honneur award on July 3 in Paris, France.


  1. It's not all bad...but it's not good either.

  2. Ummm, no.

    Doesn't she have an eerie resemblance to Tina Knowles in that pic?! Maybe it's the hair and the hooker red lipstick.

  3. Tina is a fashion icon and a legend in her own right. Mrs Knowles is who she is and each has their own standard of style and they both rock!

  4. I am hoping that the idea was that: Since she was going to have to puncture a good garment with that medal, it may as well be something less flattering.