August 31, 2008

Hurricane Gustav: BE SAFE.

Hurricane Gustav is headed for landfall in Louisiana and neighboring states in the next 24 hours, with currently around an equal chance of being a category 3 storm or a category 4 storm. Gustav has 150 mph winds at the moment as it begins to enter the gulf of Mexico and a million people evacuate. After failing in their response to Hurricane Katrina three years ago, FEMA is trying to be more proactive.

Hopefully anyone reading this on this blog right now is completely out of harms way and somewhere safe away from the Louisiana, Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Hopefully this thing turns out to be nothing more than a slight breeze with a little rain.  But in any case, everyone from the potentially affected regions.. be safe.


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  1. Hurricanes are noooo joke. My blessings go out to everyone in the affected areas. Be safe.