August 20, 2008

Janet Jackson to Launch Lingerie Line...

The R&B diva is taking a page from Jennifer Lopez's empire-expanding book and has announced plans to launch Pleasure Principle, her own line of lingerie, come November.

"People have come to me with other ideas, but lingerie is a passion for me, and just like music and acting, I can't do it unless I put 100 percent into it," Jackson said.

Jackson's 14-design line of underpinnings, crafted mainly from satin and lace and heavy on feminine details, will be available in department stores and mass retailers this fall, with each piece priced at under $40.

"It makes you feel incredible and offers variety as diverse as the women who will wear it," Jackson said of the line, named after her 1987 hit.

After making its U.S. debut this fall, the line will launch in Australia, Japan and Europe, with the Jackson-Schiavi team looking ahead to more collaborations in the future.

Along with its focus on prettiness, however, the Pleasure Principle line has also taken some pains to ensure comfort.

"There's something for every woman, and that's very important to us," Jackson said. "I've always hated when lingerie is uncomfortable, so the fit and comfort was key."

[Source: E! Online]


  1. Cool! Less that $40 a pop? That's better than VS! And I love the name!

  2. who is that blonde model? hot! does anyone know her name?