August 6, 2008

Monica's New Reality Show [WATCH IT]

Am I the only one who didn't know that Monica was doing a reality show? Because I honestly had no idea.  Apparently you can only watch it on TV if you live in the metropolitan Atlanta area.  When I posted up these pics of Monica in a jumpsuit, little did I know that she was actually taping part of her show.  Anyhoo, you can watch the complete first episode in 6 parts "The Single - Monica" (it airs on Peachtree TV in Atlanta) all courtesy of Dimewars.  


  1. I have been to Atlanta 3 times in the last few months and I didn't know..

  2. From my understanding it was officially only one show. And that she is in the works to do an entire series but it's not official yet. "The Single" is supposed to have a different group or artist each week Monica was just the first.