August 20, 2008

The Next Generation of Young Billionaires...

Potential billionaires are getting younger as evidenced by Tyler Perry and Tiger Woods..

When 32-year-old Tiger Woods returns to the links from a knee injury, he'll continue a financial rise that could crown him the first billionaire to make his money through sports. We predict it could happen as soon as 2011 because of Tiger's lucrative endorsement deals.

The most recent Forbes Celebrity 100 list estimated that 38-year-old entertainer Tyler Perry banked $125 million last year. The talented Perry, who produces, directs and acts in his creations, earned more than Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise and Bon Jovi combined. Building a billion-dollar fortune in the entertainment business is extraordinarily rare but certainly not impossible, as evidenced by Steven Spielberg, worth an estimated $3 billion, and George Lucas, worth an estimated $3.9 billion.

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  1. Tiger Woods = my imaginary husband, but only when he's wearing a cap, or a suit, and not smiling, but focusing on that amazing golf swing... lol.