August 15, 2008

Big Plans to BAN Size 0 Models Comes to an END.

"Oh well!  The whole 'ban on skinny models' thing that we had planned isn't really working, sooo we're just gonna go ahead and scrap that whole idea..." 
That's basically what this article says in a nutshell.  Unbelievable.

An initiative to banish "size zero" models from Britain's catwalks has been abandoned after other fashion capitals refused to follow London's lead.

The planned requirement for models to obtain a doctor's certificate proving that they were in good health had stong government support. But it was feared that models would boycott London Fashion Week, and New York, Paris and Milan said that the measure was unworkable.

Hilary Riva, chief executive of the British Fashion Council, will confirm that the scheme is being dropped in an open letter to the industry today.

Ms Riva blamed impracticalities in implementing the health certificate plan, a feeling among models that it discriminated against them and a lack of support from industry bodies in the other fashion capitals.


  1. I wish the ban would have held. I think this super skinny anorexic model thing should be over already. Remember the time when Naomi, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Scheffer and the like were considered the norm? They were no where near as skinny as today's models but they were still thin. I don't understand designers. I guess thats why I don't buy their expensive crap.

  2. What a disappointment. What's weird is I don't even know any women or men for that matter who like those freakishly thin girls? Who out there is actually dictating this fashion standard??

  3. That models looks like something out of a horror movie.

  4. i don't think they should ban size 0 models. that is not ok.