August 20, 2008

Top Fashion Designers Create for Obama...

The Barack Obama campaign, which has been actively courting the fashion industry, has coordinated some 20 or so designers who are creating official merchandise for the candidate's Web site (that's Tracy Reese's T-shirt design on the left which will retail for about $80). It is the first time, as far as Seventh Avenue long-timers can recall, that a quorum of the fashion industry has organized its financial resources and creative energy around a single presidential candidate.

The mix, available online next month, ranges from T-shirts to tote bags and will lend a bit of runway panache to the Obama brand. The list of participating designers, which includes Derek Lam, Isaac Mizrahi, Tracy Reese, Charles Nolan and Diane von Furstenberg, covers the full spectrum of the market, from high-end to inexpensive. Other names have been bandied about but not confirmed: Beyoncé, Russell Simmons, Michael Bastian, Vera Wang.  The benefit to the candidate is a direct line to the "Project Runway" crowd.


  1. I love how innovative this man is... it just goes to how things won't be done the "same ol' way" when he's in the White House!... Now can I borrow $80 please, Hip Candy? Thanks! :-)

  2. i love the shirt how about some pants. i love how you campaign you should make more.

    -love niezy breezy