September 12, 2008

Joy Bryant on Being a Black Model in the Business...

An interesting article from Ms. Bryant...
Model/Actress Joy Bryant: I dropped out of Yale at the end of my sophomore year to model. I gave myself a year to make it happen (turns out that small window was very unrealistic; no wonder people thought me nuts for dropping out). If it worked out, great. See ya, suckas! And if it didn't, I'd come back to school and figure out what the hell to do with the rest of my life, or at least pick a damn major. So just like that, I went from brains to beauty. The timing could not have been better: Seventeen magazine was booking their back to school issue and selected me. They seemed to dig my Ivy League credentials. Others seemed shocked that I wasn't an idiot. This is, verbatim, how the conversation would go every time:
Fashion Person: So, have you finished high school?

Joy: Umm, yeah, I did a few years of college too.

Fashion Person: College? Really? Where?

Joy: Oh, just a school in CT.

Fashion Person: Where in CT?

Joy: New Haven.

Fashion Person: And what school is this?

Joy: Uh, Yale...

Fashion Person: Oh, you're smart?!

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  1. wow, her hair is just as flowy and elegant as her gown...*giggles*