September 29, 2008

No Heels is the New Crazy.

How is she even walking in these things?  I guess you have to be on superhero fashionista status to even attempt wearing boots like these.  Victoria Beckham wore these $6,000 Antonio Berardi PVC boots while promoting one of her fragrances at Macy's recently.


  1. $6,000 for PVC boots?!? For that price, they should at least be leather!

    And you don't even get a heel for your money ;)

  2. The heels are what makes a boot like this thanks.

  3. I normally like her taste, but those boots are horrible. And that dress which makes her butt less is horrible as well!

  4. As cute and beautiful she is as ugly her boots are. But why not try something new to see how other people react? The most important thing is that she´s satisfied with her new "no heals":)