September 12, 2008

So Much Fab Fashion To Cover! And Hurricane Ike.

Well today (September 12th) marks the final day of the Spring 2009 shows at NY Fashion Week and not a single show has been covered on Hip Candy yet!  Incroyable!  That's "incredible" in French if you didn't know already... ok, nevermind, that was a lame attempt at being chic.  Anyhoo, my weekend plans are to peruse all the glorious shows of some of my fave designers (like Christian Siriano, that's his fabulous yellow gown above..) post up fabulous pics and then try to determine any emerging trends from the Spring 2009 season.  

But like I said, that's the plan.  For those of you who don't know, I live in Louisiana, we just came off of a devastating hurricane, "Gustav", and now there's another one in the Gulf, "Ike" so Gulf States are all on watch this weekend even if we're not in the storms direct path.  They're saying that Hurricane Ike has a ridiculous 900 mile spread which means we'll probably feel some effects of any outer bands from this storm.  I'm such a meteorologist!  But in all seriousness, my prayer is that everyone is out of the direct path of this thing and are hunkering down somewhere safe, I'm also hoping that this storm loses strength with the swiftness, and NO MORE POWER OUTAGES!  Stay tuned...

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