September 23, 2008

Spring 2009 Shoes Steal the Shows...

Sole-less heels (above) at the Aminaka Wilmont show at London Fashion Week.

 With Spring 2009 trends stomping down runways worldwide it seems designers from Madrid to London to Paris to Milan to New York are complimenting, or even outdoing, their looks with wild and playful footwear that would make any shoe-lover shout. Are these new shoe trends too over-the top or do they win best in show? Click here to see more International Fashion Week shoe style.  [via Huffpost Fashion]


  1. These shoes aren't practical for the average woman, but I appreciate the creative prowess very much. Thanks for posting this.

  2. They look uncomfortable.

  3. Yeah, creative, but who on earth could wear them?!? I can't even imagine an Olsen twin wearing them in public.

    The purpose of shoes is to protect one's feet from all the potentially harmful stuff on the ground / floor. Thorns, broken glass, dog poo, cockroaches... these are the things that shoes protect your tootsies from.

    Personally, I don't think a design is great unless the object fulfills its practical purpose as well as look great. These just don't qualify.

  4. So no1 is gonna comment on the unattractive feet in the shoeless shoe?... Well then neither am I.

  5. Wow.... I don't understand the shape of that shoes. How do we wear it? I think this is only a fashion. And a fashion is not must be wear. I appreciate to the designer.