September 30, 2008

Tina Turner's Designer Tour Costume Revealed..

WWD is reporting that Tina Turner is teaming up with designer Bob Mackie, who she's known for over 30 years, to design her costumes for her upcoming 7-month tour.  I gotta say, it's a hot look and I already know Tina's gonna look fabulous in it.  Look, if I can pull off this kinda look when I'm 68 years old, then I'm doing better than great.

Tina Turner, 68, says she’s “leaning a bit more towards a rock-influenced look.” To that end, Mackie has been looking back at the thigh-grazing dresses, beaded tops and shiny stretch pants he created for Turner’s solo club act in the late Seventies. His new designs include the requisite “Proud Mary” minidresses, as well as a postapocalyptic look inspired by Turner’s role in 1985’s “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” and a vixen getup à la “GoldenEye,” the 1995 James Bond film for which she wrote the theme song. And, though he’s working in a mostly neutral palette (“Because there’s so much there, you wouldn’t want to [use a lot of color],” he notes), Mackie’s going full throttle with the details, including plenty of lacing, fringe, studs and jewels.

“The only restriction I’ve given him is that I must be able to move easily,” Turner says. “If I have to concern myself with a dress sleeve or a sequin or things coming out that shouldn’t — that’s a problem.”


  1. tina + bob mackie is such costume GOLD! so excited!

  2. AWESOME!!!!

    Just bought my tickets at


    for Her show. I cannot wait to see this!

  3. went to see tima turner in manchester last monday night, oh my god she was amazing, her shoes blew me away and her costumes were just to die for i would like to know were she got her black evening dress from please can anyone help me!!!!