September 11, 2008

Top Model Cycle 11 Updates...

Ok, I missed the premiere episode when it aired last week, but I caught up on the 2 hour episode a little while ago and I definitely have a few favorites emerging.  I'm loving Sheena, I really like her attitude and her spirit.  You look at her and you see one thing, but then she opens her mouth and you discover she's a total hoodrat!  I love that about her!  And of course I like Joslyn, she's a Louisiana girl just like me and I like her bubbliness.  And she's not a quitter (Joslyn tried out for ANTM a million times before she finally made it on). I like that. I'm definitely pulling for her.  So far, I'm not really feeling Clark, and as for the rest of 'em, well the jury's still out.  Click here to see who was eliminated from ANTM so far if you missed it.

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