October 10, 2008

The Blackberry Introduces a New Touch Screen...

Wow.  The iPhone has really started something, huh?.  At least I think it was the first phone with the cool magic touch screen, so I'm gonna keep thinking that the iPhone (the phone I own) was the trendsetter, the groundbreaker until someone tells me otherwise (I've had my 1st gen iPhone for about a year now. But the new app store was still made available to those of us who were geeky and over-anxious and got the phone as soon as it launched..).  Anyhoo, for those of you who are interested in this shiny, new touchscreen BlackBerry, you can read up on the "fierce" new Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Storm here.


  1. I want/need it to come to Sprint! Ugh! I love touchscreen phones, while I would prefer the iPhone, I refuse to go back to AT&T!

  2. We have a Verizon Venus (yeah, supposed to be a girly phone, but my wife and I share) that is touch screen. Pretty cool.

    Think even read that Dell has a touch screen for a computer.

    Hadn't heard of the Blackberry touch -- thanks, Chanel.