October 9, 2008

Halle Berry Launches Her Signature Scent...

What is this?  Like the 3rd or 4th post about Halle Berry this week? She is all over the place lately.

Halle launched her new Halle by Halle Berry scent at an exclusive unveiling in N.Y.C. “We call Halle my second baby,” she says, “because that's really all I’ve been working on for the past two years.” Throughout the process, the actress insisted on being involved in just about every aspect creating the fragrance, from doing scent tests to helping design the bottle itself — and made sure that the woody oriental included two of her most-loved notes. “I was mixing two fragrances, a fig and a mimosa, and putting them in a bottle an carrying them around,” she says. “That was my flavor of the moment.” And it’s a flavor she hopes men will appreciate as much as women. “I want women to feel that their partners, that special person thinks they smell beautiful, thinks that it’s simple enough that they can ingest it all day, every day. That’s what Gabriel said,” she adds, of her boyfriend Gabriel Aubry’s take on her signature scent. “He said it smells like that — he better be right!”

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  1. Halle, good luck with your scent. You know we will be buying it!