October 14, 2008

If You Like It, Then You Shoulda Put a Ring On It.

Beyonce's new music video has been circulating for a minute now, and that's totally not the name of her new song in my blog title, but you already know people are gonna be calling it that. I thought it was ok, it's a little spastic for me, but I gave her an "E" for effort.  

And it wasn't until I saw the video comparison below over at Dlisted that I noticed similarities in Beyonce's new video "Single Ladies" and the classic Bob Fosse choreographed piece, "Mexican Breakfast" led by dancer Gwen Verdon.  The old broads have Beyonce and her team beat if you ask me, that being said, I can certainly appreciate the effort that Beyonce put into paying tribute to a classic.


  1. while everyone is entitled to their opinion.....umm no. "while i commend" those old broads...beyonce has them beat. sorry, a backwoods country girl has actually taken over the world....it's okay to be a little sour. can't wait 'til she gets fat huh?

  2. ewok-
    I have zero interest in whether or not Beyonce "gets fat", and I'm not sour in the least RE: Beyonce "taking over the world" as you put it. I just think the old broads did it way better and I commended Beyonce on their tribute to the ones who did it first. But hey, you're entitled to your opinion too.

  3. Pretty neat and I must say that I like the Bob Fosse choreographed piece myself. Good research!