October 16, 2008

My Homemade Maxi Dress...

You'll have to excuse the camera phone shots of my maxi dress, these pics really don't do it justice and I'm really quite proud of it!  I finished it last week in time to wear for my birthday. I used a pattern that was for a shorter dress, so I  lengthened it considerably. Pockets are also a hugely out of control mild obsession of mine, so of course I added a pair of hidden seam pockets on each side about 3.5 inches down from the empire waist.  The weather here is still amenable to wearing something that may seem more suited to spring/summer, especially if paired with a scarf.  I kept it basic with a pair of flat red thong sandals and hoop earrings.  It was fun to wear!


  1. What pattern did you use? I started sewing again recently and I love a great maxi dress! And where'd you get that cute fabric from?

  2. dwj-
    I used Simplicity 3882 and I got the stretch knit fabric for $1 a yard a Walmart.