October 23, 2008

Real Housewives of Atlanta: Are Ya'll Watching?

I just started watching this, as I've seen a couple episodes so far. Nene has to be my favorite right now because she's wonderfully ghetto, and that's always fun to watch, but all these women are just so fabulously tacky, always talking about their status, and their money and whatnot. It's just so over the top you can't look away! I watched "Orange County" I didn't watch "New York", but I think these Atlanta women probably has them all beat. Are ya'll watching? I wanna know what ya'll think.


  1. Of course we are watching, I understand that RHOATL is replacing the Playboy channel......I have never seen so much cleavage in my life. What not to do with designer clothing. Christian Dior is not loving this endorsement!!

  2. I'm watching...NeNe is my favorite as well, and the only one I could actually see myself hanging out with.

  3. Got to check that out. Sounds like alot of fun.
    Have you ever seen this video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0r_x1wvovY

    i found it pretty funny, totally worth checking out.

    keep up the good work xoxo

  4. Sure, I've been watching! I don't really have a favorite but I have to disagree, New York was better! Hands down.

  5. NeNe is my fave too! I think she & Kim need their own spin-off. I could do without those other broads.

  6. NeNe is trash. It's just that simple. Cursing and carrying on like she's still in the ghetto, come on. Tacky!!!! Money can't buy class; I would have responded the way the birthday girl did - "Oh well." And they were saying NeNe use to be a model - yeah right, I thought she was a dude.