November 5, 2008

Michelle Obama in Narciso Rodriguez on Election Night.

I have to be honest about First Lady-Elect Michelle Obama's designer Narciso Rodriguez dress (Spring 2009) last night.  I didn't like it. The whole look of this dress had me confused.

Now if she was partial to wearing Narciso Rodriguez last night with the obvious red and black theme that the First Family-Elect was going for, I would have gone with the chic and modern black, slightly off the shoulder number from the same Rodriguez Spring '09 collection (below) and added a few chic red accessories (shoes, necklace or belt). With Michelle's height and stature, she would have rocked it.

Barack Obama: The Next President of the United States.


  1. Woohoo a new prez!

    I wasn't really feelin' her dress either.

  2. Honestly I also thought it looked tacky. It was too vamp/halloween. It may have been expensive, but it didn't look well-made or timeless. She would have looked better in a beautiful St. John or Chanel suit.

  3. I like your pick...

    I might be the only one...but I feel that Michelle Obama lacks style. She always looks so frumpy standing next to President eclect Obama.

    I so want to be her stylist...or Chanel, maybe you should send in a portfolio of your work...

    the first black lady of the white house needs to come harder than this! lol

    And I do just for once, want to see her rock a stlyish, sophisticated, yet classic power suit.

  4. I'd love to style her too! And thanks for that most awesome vote of confidence Keli, I appreciate that.

  5. Yes, what Michelle wears is way more important than what decisions her husband makes regarding the country. So she wore an unflattering dress. So what!? You have all made the same mistake many many times. Get over it and stop making this crap an issue.

  6. The dress was very unflattering. I've read alot of news articles and blogs about how fabulous the dress was. It looks cheap, I would have thought she bought it from Charlotte Rouse. I honestly didn't even care what she was wearing was a big issue until everyone started talking about it!

  7. What the president's wife wears has been news since the beginning, so YOU get over it. It was unflattering and it's hard to believe that she could have looked in the mirror and said "hey - i'm looking gooood!". Hard to believe that she has staff that thought she looked good in the dress. I want my money back!

  8. Good grief! Who cares what she wore? It makes no difference whatsoever to the issues facing Barack Obama and the country. Get a life, people!

  9. anonymous-
    PLENTY PEOPLE care what she wore, which is why PLENTY PEOPLE are talking about it. And just in case you didn't realize where you were, this is a FASHION SITE where fashion is heavily discussed, just FYI.

  10. Of course it is not important to the big issues. But fashion is a big issue for a lot of folks. Not me so much, but i did find this site looking up what the first family (Barack primarily) was wearing.

    I didnt think her dress was all that great, and it certainly would have been inappropriate without the sleeves/jacket covering her arms (not to mention cold in Chicago)...

    ... but I think the collar on the other Rodriguez dress pictured suggests someone pulling the dress aside to see what's underneath, which might work well for Michelle looking for a boyfriend, but not so much for a First Lady. Emphasis on the "Lady."

  11. I didn't feel the dress was special. But now on she will have to be very choose about her dress.
    These are some I choose for her -[]=off