November 25, 2008

Real Housewives of ATL Reunion Show: My Thoughts.

*Update* My thoughts on the reunion show:

Kim was all over the place last night, and cancer Kim? Really? I mean I hope for her sake she wasn't lying, because if she was, she really needs help.  And going back over some of the whoppers Kim has told already, I wouldn't put it past her to make up some stuff just to try to get sympathy.  *UPDATE* Kim has claimed that she thought she'd "get killed" after the reunion show. Ridiculous.
Deshawn was... wait was she even there?  Moving on..
Lisa. Last night, we found out that Lisa was how Kim found out about Nene's song through Sheree.. or via speakerphone. If Kim is saying that Lisa told her about Nene's song on the speakerphone, given Kim's track record, it's probably a lie, so I'm gonna go with Lisa telling the story to Sheree (in confidence) then Sheree blabbing to Kim about it.  Real classy Sheree.
And Sheree gets my harshest criticism in this post.  First of all, Sheree, since you like to "keep it classy," classy people don't keep "announcing" how classy they are.  Classy people don't feel the need to let everybody know how much they paid for a dress (see more of my thoughts on that in this post).  Classy people wouldn't reveal something that was told to them in confidence. Classy people don't start drama and then claim to anybody who's listening that they "don't engage in drama." Out of all the women on Atlanta housewives, Sheree came off as the most simple looking, shallow, fake, phony, manipulative, wannabe sophisticated "housewife" of the bunch IMO.  And attractive as she may be, all the rest of that foolishness cancels out her attractiveness.  My advice to Sheree would be to grow up.
Nene. All I have to say about Nene is that I'm looking forward to the next season of Atlanta Housewives because of HER. Period.  THE END.

Watch a snippet from the Bravo Blog Awards for the ATL Housewives here.
Don't forget to tune in.  The ladies from Orange County return tonight as well, right after the reunion show.

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