December 17, 2008

Sean "Diddy" Combs Releases New Fragrance, "I Am King"

Or is it back to "Puffy" now? Well whatever he's changed his name to this month, normally I would rail on this dude's massive ego, but I'm giving him a pass this time because he said something in this interview and in his commercial that stood out to me in a good way. He said 
"You are what you say you are..." 
WOW. Chew on that for a second.. How much better off would we ALL be if we would just be more positive? If we would just put a stop to all the negative poison we let come out of our mouths? If we would just have the audacity to say about ourselves where we would like to be instead of speaking the obvious of where we currently are? 

I am_________. 
You fill it in. 

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