January 31, 2008

FIDM Interviews Hip Candy...

It's truly an awesome thing when your Alma Mater thinks you're fabulous enough to do an interview on you! It means a lot, really. Check out the latest Hip Candy interview done by none other than my Alma Mater, The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles (FIDM)!

Click here to read the interview [thanks Kim]

January 30, 2008

Countdown To New York Fall Fashion Week...

A Pre-Fall 2008 look from Vera Wang (above)

I'll be there in spirit! The Fall 2008 shows kick-off this Friday, February 1-8 in New York marking what most would say is the official start of 2008's fashion season. There's so many shows I'm looking forward to (the return of Halston and Herve Leger, the Red Dress Collection ♥ see more about that in the right side bar), and of course all my faves (Tracy Reese, DVF, Michael Kors) among countless others. I'm gonna do my absolute best to roll up my sleeves and cover as many shows as possible in the coming week, so stay tuned for all all the Hip Candy Fashion Week coverage!

Above pics: That's me right outside the tents at the Spring 2008 shows last September in New York, and if I look super casual, I was! I was done with heels & dresses by day 3 (lol!).. me looking out the window at a Bryant Park Hotel gifting suite, and a sky high view of the tents below.

January 29, 2008

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly...

Kelly Rowland attended the Best Beauty Buys Awards January 29, in London England. And is it just me, or is that visible armpit hair peeking out? You know what, I'm gonna give Kelly the benefit of the doubt here and figure that she was mad rushed and just didn't have time to handle that if it is. Seriously, no hate here. Other than that, I think she looks great.

January 27, 2008

Rihanna's New Do: Cute? Or Not Cute?

Rihanna attended the 2008 NRJ Music Awards at the Palais des Festivales in Cannes France on January 26 sporting a new haircut. I think Rihanna's a super cute girl and if anyone can pull it off, it would be her. Not the biggest fan of the neck tats though. What do ya'll think?

January 23, 2008

Free Shipping At Twelve By Twelve...

Twelve by Twelve is offering free standard shipping on purchases of $75 or more. Click the pic below to browse and shop!

Heathcliff Andrew Ledger, 1979-2008

I was shocked to hear of Heath Ledger's death on yesterday. I didn't really follow, follow his career, but I've seen a few of his films (I remember him in "The Patriot" with Mel Gibson), and it's just a tragic loss at such a young age. Especially with a young daughter. My prayers go out to his family...

January 17, 2008

Design A Dress & Be Discovered!

To find out, enter your original dress design sketch - think sundress, evening gown or anything in between! From there, MSN and Glam.com readers will vote online for their favorites, and the top 8 finalist will then create the dress they've envisioned. The winner will be flown to New York, receive a $500 gift certificate from Lord & Taylor, and have a chance to apprentice with the Adam Lippes Design Studio.
Judging the contest:
Adam Lippes, Designer, Monique Lhuillier, Designer, Paul Wilmot of Paul Wilmot Communications, Vanessa Lafebvre, Lord & Taylor, Tina Knowles, Celebrity Stylist, Alison Deyette of Style Bakery, and Samir Arora, CEO of Glam Media.

Click to find out more information (deadlines, rules & regulations) here!

January 16, 2008

The Technology Starlet Interviews Hip Candy

The Technology Starlet did some investigative reporting on women bloggers and Hip Candy was one of them! Read the interviews here.

January 14, 2008

Kimora Lee Wants You To Be An Angel For Dogs..

In Kimora Lee Simmons new ad campaign for PETA, she urges people to “be an angel for dogs” (that's her dog Zoe).

Kimora wants people to make dogs part of their family and not leave them tied up outside or cooped alone at home all day. She's teamed up with PETA urging dog guardians to "play with them, take them for long walks, don't ever chain or cage them."

PETA can be a little over the top sometimes with their practices, but I have to say, I agree with this new campaign wholeheartedly. I can't speak for anyone else, but for me, it's just sad to see dogs tied up in cages. Read Kimora's "Be an Angel for Dog's" interview here.

January 13, 2008

Golden Globes Untelevised Event Goes Down Tonite.

That's right. You won't get to see Beyonce on the red carpet in all her golden, overposed glory. Her or anyone else for that matter. The writer's strike is still in full swing. You'd think that studio execs would want to resolve things before it came to this... but you'd think wrong. Below is an article on the Golden Globes tonight (or lack thereof) that I thought was interesting.

Tonight Golden Globes Gowns Will Stay On the Rack
Cancellation Gives Designers/Stylists Unexpected Vacation
by Mercury News

Katherine Heigl's stylist went on vacation last week to Mexico. Makeup artist Pati Dubroff's cell phone and BlackBerry have gone extraordinarily quiet.

A change in format for tonight's Golden Globe Awards from a jovial awards dinner and ceremony to a news conference doesn't just mean disappointed award winners - it means a rolled-up red carpet. Think of all the glorious gowns that will go unworn.

It was unclear if celebrities - even the nominees - would attend the untelevised ceremony because they still might have to cross a picket line of the Writers Guild of America, and the actors' own union encouraged its members to skip the event in a show of solidarity.

That means no wardrobe analysis Monday morning, no best dressed/worst dressed lists, no new designer name on the lips of every fashion fan. Stylists, makeup artists, hairdressers and all those who run the marketing machines in Los Angeles find themselves with unexpected time on their hands.

Read the rest here...

January 11, 2008

Tyson Beckford is Clean.

Tyson Beckford making an appearance on The Today Show Thursday to promote his new show on Bravo, Make Me A Supermodel. He's looking good isn't he? All tailored and male-model-like. But you know those people in the background totally think he's Seal. Or LeBron James.


January 10, 2008

Umm..The Back Of This Dress is NOT The Business.

I can't be the only one who thinks the back of Katie's dress resembles an exposed bra. She wore this strapless number (and it's Armani!) on January 9th in Los Angeles to the premier of her new movie "Mad Money" which also stars Queen Latifah and Diane Keaton. Not the best choice of dress IMO. I swear, whoever is styling her is aging her into oblivion! She's not even 30! She may need new people.

Mr. Blackwell obviously doesn't agree with me.

January 8, 2008

People's Choice/Golden Globes: Won't Be The Same.

Due to the ongoing writer's strike (I swear... they really just need to pay the writer's already! Extreme greed [studio owners!] is sooo not cute..) The People's Choice Awards, airing January 8th, along with the Golden Globes, airing January 13 will host very different formats. So if you were looking forward to elaborate red carpet shows.. you can pretty much forget about it...

While the Critics' Choice Awards were staged free of picketing writers, the Golden Globes and People's Choice have had to make adjustments because stars are reluctant to cross picket lines.

Both are switching to a newsier approach. (Traditional Globes show canceled). People's Choice scrapped its usual live show early on and promises a star-studded newsmagazine-style telecast tonight (CBS, 9 ET/PT).

Queen Latifah will lead viewers through segments shot by production teams. At Monday's Critics' Choice, she said she had finished taping her part Sunday. She doesn't interact directly with winners: "I'm wacky enough to make it work. I had to tap back into my hip-hop to freestyle it."

The crystal statuettes were taken to winners at locations including Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, London and the USO tour in Kabul. The show also will include clips from previous ceremonies.

Fans have logged more than 10 million votes.

Source: USA Today

Love Is Killing 'Em Softly...

Jennifer Love Hewitt at the premier of "27 Dresses" on January 7th. Chick looks fabulous. Why there was even this overweight scandal involving Love is beyond me. If I looked like this in that dress, you wouldn't be able to tell me nothing!

Take that, take that, take that!

January 7, 2008

Voom Wide Leg Plaid Pants. Cute Or Not Cute?

I spotted these Voom Wide Leg Plaid Pants ($290) over at SHOP INTUITION. The style suggestion was to pair the pants with snug sweaters, turtlenecks or tees. "It's very, very Gwen!" the site suggests, which I must say, I'd have to agree. But what do ya'll think about 'em? Cute or not cute?

January 6, 2008

Go Tigers!

Let's get it done against Ohio State!
10 Reasons LSU will beat Ohio State: Fox Sports
LSU beats Ohio State 38 to 24! First school to win 2, count 'em...
2 BCS National Championships! Woo-hoo! Yay!

Cashmere Mafia: Did You Watch?

Did any of you catch the sneak preview of "Cashmere Mafia" on ABC Sunday night? I guess I liked it ok. I halfway expected the show to blow me away with the styling like SATC used to do so effortlessly on a weekly basis, but it was just, 'meh' for me on the fashion front. I think I found myself trying to figure out exactly what I needed to do to get down to Lucy Liu's petite dress size more than anything else. Well really, it was probably a toss up between that and being completely shocked over what nannies get paid today. Being a nanny can be a pretty serious hustle, no?!
So if any of you watched, let me know what you thought!

January 4, 2008

Loeffler Randall Arrives At Target...

Loeffler Randall, The 2007 CFDA Swarovski Award Winner has made its way into the mainstream, introducing their new Go! International Accessory Line for Target. I wouldn't mind having the little Rosette Ballet Flats in black myself. Target is really on a roll with their Go lines.. it's great for the consumer and even greater for the designers who get introduced to a whole new audience of people who may not have known or heard about them before. It's win-win. Learn more about Loeffler Randall here and here, and browse and shop for the new Loeffler Randall accessories at Target.com.

Loeffler Randall Rosette Ballet Flats, $29.99, Loeffler Randall Woven Satchel, $49.99 and Loeffler Randall Chain Handle Clutch, $24.99 available at Target.

*Update* I went in to Target for something else and ended up trying on a couple pair of the Rosette Ballet Flats, and unless I got a hold to two very irregularly sized pair, the shoes run WAY small. I'm normally a size 7, but trying on the 7 felt like I was trying to stuff my foot into a 5 1/2. The size 8 wasn't much better. I didn't even try for the 9.

2008 Spring Trend Report...

Ok, so it's winter and still frigid in most parts of the world, but spring will be here before you know it, so warm spring trends are certainly something to look forward to! Check out Harriet and Amy's trend report from the Spring 2008 shows in NYC (reporting for New York Magazine).

Fashion No No...

WOW. I have no words...


January 2, 2008

I'm A "Cover Girl" Ya'll!

That's right! Your's truly along with Hip Candy was one of the "chosen ones" to be profiled in 225 Magazine's 2008 "People To Watch" issue! Woo-hoo! Yay! Click to read my article here. 2007 was a banner year for myself and for Hip Candy, and the 225 article just proves that theres no signs that it's stopping! A huge thank you to Sarah at 225 who did my interview, Brian Baiamonte who took fabulous pics for the magazine and articles (that's Brian's fab skill showcased on my pic above.. get his info below), and finally thanks to 225 for choosing me for this issue. And I truly count it an honor to be chosen among the other fascinating "People To Watch" in this issue, Richie Adams, Sylvia Fowles, Jamie Griffin, Jeff Kleinpeter, Shanelle Matthews, Erin Rolfs, Timmy Teepell and Trey Trahan. Click the pic below to read up on all of them! Big things poppin' in '08!

225 Magazine Online

Brian Baiamonte, Photographer