August 31, 2008

Hurricane Gustav: BE SAFE.

Hurricane Gustav is headed for landfall in Louisiana and neighboring states in the next 24 hours, with currently around an equal chance of being a category 3 storm or a category 4 storm. Gustav has 150 mph winds at the moment as it begins to enter the gulf of Mexico and a million people evacuate. After failing in their response to Hurricane Katrina three years ago, FEMA is trying to be more proactive.

Hopefully anyone reading this on this blog right now is completely out of harms way and somewhere safe away from the Louisiana, Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Hopefully this thing turns out to be nothing more than a slight breeze with a little rain.  But in any case, everyone from the potentially affected regions.. be safe.


August 30, 2008

Halle Berry's Very Pretty Baby...

But seriously, with parents that look like him and her
how else was this child gonna look?  
That being said [5 month old Nahla Ariela] is a beautiful baby.

August 29, 2008

The "Original Supermodels" Take Back The Spotlight..

Naomi Campbell (38) for Yves Saint Laurent, Cristy Turlington (39, below) for Escada, Claudia Schiffer (38) is the new face of CHANEL, and Linda Evangelista (43) for Prada just goes to show you that great models have much longer expiration dates.  In an era when top models are just a few years past their 12th birthdays, these chicks are truly holding their own. These women are LOOKING FABULOUS and they're still doing their thing in a big way. If this isn't a HUGE encouragement to women, then I don't know what is.

How Far Have We Come Since Hurricane Katrina?

August 29, 2008 is the 3 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina hitting the Gulf Region. So how far do you think we've come, especially in my home state of Louisiana particularly in New Orleans?  I think people who aren't aware would be surprised of how far we've come, or how far we haven't come, after Hurricane Katrina.  Watch below.

Learn more about this cause and take action here.

Louisiana may be faced with evacuating again this weekend.  Almost 3 years to the date of when Hurricane Katrina hit.

[WATCH] Obama's Acceptance Speech in its Entirety..

And like Sheryl Crow sang last night before Sen. Obama spoke, 
"A Change Could Do Us Good".

DNC, Obama Speech a Ratings record-breaker

In other GOP news, Sen. John McCain has made his VP pick, Sen. Sarah Palin from Alaska.

August 28, 2008

Spotted Out: Kerry Washington...

Actress Kerry Washington attended the Creative Coalition's Spotlight Award Brunch looking chic and polished.  The brunch honored fellow actress Annette Bening and was held at Earl's Restaurant on August 27, 2008 in Denver, Colorado.

Sanaa Lathan in a Black Strapless Jumpsuit..

Actress Sanaa Lathan attended the Verizon Wireless exclusive launch party for the Blackberry 8330 Pink Curve looking cute in a black strapless jumpsuit at Intermix on August 27, 2008 in Los Angeles, California.

August 27, 2008

Obama is Officially the Democratic Nominee [WATCH]

History was made today.  This is a day to truly be proud of America.

Watch Barack Obama's nomination become official with the help of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton below.

Venus & Serena vs. Peyton & Eli [Cute Commercial]

It's the Williams sisters vs. the Manning brothers in the Oreo "Double Stuffed Racing League" or "DSRL"! Fun stuff.

Reusable Bags are the New Black...

Reusable bags are constantly getting more stylish and more fun.  It's literally getting harder and harder to say that you wouldn't carry one because they're "ugly".  There are just too many cute ones available now!  Like the "Make Love Not Trash" bag above, it's cute and environmentally friendly.  And if that one isn't your taste (that one happens to be my fave!), there's so many more to choose from over at  Using one is such a chic and easy way to do our part for the planet we live in.

Visit Make Love Not Trash now!

Make Love Not Trash totes were recently featured at the Ashley Paige Fashion Show in Los Angeles.

People Mag & ABC to Air "Half Their Size" TV Special...

ABC has scheduled hourlong special "Half Their Size: The People Magazine Weight Loss Challenge" for Sept. 30 at 10 p.m.  The show will focus on eight residents of Mississippi -- the nation's most overweight state -- for a nine-month period to see how their lives change through diet and exercise.

"Half Their Size" is a People franchise that began in 2002 and focuses on folks who desperately need to shed pounds.  NBC has done well in the weight-loss business with "The Biggest Loser." 

"We've been talking to People about doing something together," said Mark Bracco, ABC's veep of alternative series and specials. "The 'Half Their Size' brand is a top seller for them, and it was natural to take that franchise and turn it into a special."  If ratings are healthy, Bracco said, the network may consider doing the specials on an annual basis.  

Natalie Cole: Unforgettable With Love...

How awesome does she look in that picture?  I swear, this woman doesn't age.  Anyhoo, Natalie has a fabulous new album out with another duet with her late father, the legendary Nat King Cole.  Nice.  With R&B, jazz and pop, the album is fabulously diverse.  "Coffee Time" is one of my faves from the album.  If you are a fan of smooth sounds, and classic easy listening, then you're gonna want to pick up 
Natalie's newest project. 

Click below for a full-length album preview of "Unforgettable with Love" 
by Natalie Cole.
Listen now to Natalie's complete songs all courtesy of Yahoo! Music.

August 26, 2008

Supermodels Wear Sack Dresses Too!

Seeing two Victoria's Secret models in two shapeless sack dresses seems to even things out a bit for some of the rest of us don't you think?  That is until you remember how they look underneath those sack dresses... yeah, back to the treadmill.

Victoria's Secret Angels Doutzen Kroes and Adriana Lima unveiled the All New Supermodel Obsessions Collection at Victoria's Secret Store Herald Square on August 26, 2008 in New York City.

Beyonce Talks Beauty in the Sept. Issue of Instyle..

[Click the pics for larger views]

August 25, 2008

Street Style: Shorty Denim Jumpsuit...

Ok, I'll be the first to admit, I didn't like this jumpsuit trend when it first started to show itself everywhere, but slowly, the shorty ones started to grow on me.  I'm really feeling this cute denim belted one she's wearing, and it's from Forever 21!  But don't get too excited, I already tried to track it down over there and... nothing.

 I'm also loving this cute plaid dress from The GAP.

Monday Links.. What's Poppin' Right Now.

New Dancing with the Stars lineup announced.  So exciting!  Not.
American Idol is adding a new judge.  Fascinating!  Not.
Paula expresses "concern" about the new judge.
Democratic Convention kicks off tonight with "One Nation" under a groove theme.
The 2008 Olympics was the most watched event in TV history.
Watch Barack Obama's new TV ad.  It's DNC week!
Meet the stars and learn more about HBO's "The Black List".
And finally, meet Michelle Obama's hairdresser.

August 22, 2008

"Just Stand Up" [Listen]

The single "Just Stand Up," which features Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Carrie Underwood, Mary J. Blige, Rihanna, Fergie, Sheryl Crow, Miley Cyrus, Melissa Etheridge, Ashanti, Natasha Bedingfield, Keyshia Cole, Ciara, Leona Lewis and LeAnn Rimes, will hit the airwaves as well as iTunes on September 2 and all proceeds will go towards cancer research.
Then on September 5 the A-list group will unite on stage to sing the song live during the "Stand Up To Cancer" TV special, set to air simultaneously on ABC, CBS and NBC.

Spotted Out: Nia Long...

Nia Long was spotted at the "Black And White" Gala for the Barack Obama campaign looking fabulous.  The gala was held at a private residence on August 21, 2008 in Beverly Hills.

Spotted Out: Jamie Foxx & Daughter Corrine..

Actor Jamie Foxx and his daughter Corrine Foxx (she's growing up!) attended the "Black And White" Gala for the Barack Obama campaign held at a private residence on August 21, 2008 in Beverly Hills, California.

August 21, 2008

Repeat Cycle.

"Cheetah Girl" Kiely Williams, Heidi Montag and Jenny McCarthy all decided on the same Herve Leger dress to 3 different events.  Who do you think did it better?
[Pic source: E! Online]

Master P: CEO of New "Better Black TV"...

Via Black Voices

After finding much success with his bawdy brew of southern fried hip-hop, Percy Miller – who officially changed his name from Master P last week – is making waves in the television arena, promising something "better."

On Aug. 15, the former No Limits Records rap sensation announced the launch of Better Black Television (BBTV), described as a family friendly network that will provide positive content for a black and brown culture that will appeal to all races with a goal to bring people of color a choice when turning on their television.

According to a statement the content on the channel will contain a wide arrangement from health and fitness, animation, financial planning, reality TV, sitcoms, dramas, movies, responsible hip-hop music and videos, politics, sports and entertainment news, educational children's shows as well as teen and family programming.

"Better Black Television has been a vision of mine for some years," said Miller, who assumes the position of the channel's Chairman & CEO. "I've done a lot to promote and change the way messages are relayed to our children and our families over the last few years."

Wow. Click here to read the rest.

Adrienne Bailon in Animal Print: Cute or Not Cute?

Recording artist and "Cheetah Girl" Adrienne Bailon was spotted on the red carpet of Sony Pictures' premiere of "House Bunny" at the Mann Village Theatre on August 14, 2008 in Westwood, California.  What do you think of her choice of outfit for this event?  Cute?  Or not cute?

August 20, 2008

Project Runway Preview for 8/20

 Project Runway airs Wednesdays at 9/8 Central.

The Next Generation of Young Billionaires...

Potential billionaires are getting younger as evidenced by Tyler Perry and Tiger Woods..

When 32-year-old Tiger Woods returns to the links from a knee injury, he'll continue a financial rise that could crown him the first billionaire to make his money through sports. We predict it could happen as soon as 2011 because of Tiger's lucrative endorsement deals.

The most recent Forbes Celebrity 100 list estimated that 38-year-old entertainer Tyler Perry banked $125 million last year. The talented Perry, who produces, directs and acts in his creations, earned more than Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise and Bon Jovi combined. Building a billion-dollar fortune in the entertainment business is extraordinarily rare but certainly not impossible, as evidenced by Steven Spielberg, worth an estimated $3 billion, and George Lucas, worth an estimated $3.9 billion.

Read the rest of "Billionaires: The Next Generation" here.

Janet Jackson to Launch Lingerie Line...

The R&B diva is taking a page from Jennifer Lopez's empire-expanding book and has announced plans to launch Pleasure Principle, her own line of lingerie, come November.

"People have come to me with other ideas, but lingerie is a passion for me, and just like music and acting, I can't do it unless I put 100 percent into it," Jackson said.

Jackson's 14-design line of underpinnings, crafted mainly from satin and lace and heavy on feminine details, will be available in department stores and mass retailers this fall, with each piece priced at under $40.

"It makes you feel incredible and offers variety as diverse as the women who will wear it," Jackson said of the line, named after her 1987 hit.

After making its U.S. debut this fall, the line will launch in Australia, Japan and Europe, with the Jackson-Schiavi team looking ahead to more collaborations in the future.

Along with its focus on prettiness, however, the Pleasure Principle line has also taken some pains to ensure comfort.

"There's something for every woman, and that's very important to us," Jackson said. "I've always hated when lingerie is uncomfortable, so the fit and comfort was key."

[Source: E! Online]

Top Fashion Designers Create for Obama...

The Barack Obama campaign, which has been actively courting the fashion industry, has coordinated some 20 or so designers who are creating official merchandise for the candidate's Web site (that's Tracy Reese's T-shirt design on the left which will retail for about $80). It is the first time, as far as Seventh Avenue long-timers can recall, that a quorum of the fashion industry has organized its financial resources and creative energy around a single presidential candidate.

The mix, available online next month, ranges from T-shirts to tote bags and will lend a bit of runway panache to the Obama brand. The list of participating designers, which includes Derek Lam, Isaac Mizrahi, Tracy Reese, Charles Nolan and Diane von Furstenberg, covers the full spectrum of the market, from high-end to inexpensive. Other names have been bandied about but not confirmed: BeyoncĂ©, Russell Simmons, Michael Bastian, Vera Wang.  The benefit to the candidate is a direct line to the "Project Runway" crowd.

August 19, 2008

There Was No Fashion Camp When I Was Growing Up!

I was in my 4th year of college working towards a marketing degree before I realized that I didn't want to be a business major.  My passion was fashion!  So I quit the university and jetted off to design school in L.A. Better late than never right?  So naturally, I think a "fashion camp" for young girls who are trying to figure things out for themselves is a great idea, especially if fashion is a strong and undeniable interest.

"Hills" Season Premiere Quickie Recap...

VOGUE Modeling Show Premieres Online Aug. 19th...

Remember back last month when I told ya'll this show would be airing online in August?  Well August is here and Model.Live airs sometime today on  Vogue magazine has teamed with the fashion and media divisions of IMG to produce an elaborate Web-based reality series about the fashion industry.  The show, called Model.Live, tracks three models as they navigate casting calls, catwalks and airports for fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris. The first of 12 eight-minute episodes will debut Aug. 19 on-demand on, a site that runs advertiser-sponsored videos and allows consumers to buy the featured products. Express will be one of the main sponsors of the show.

Catch the premiere episode on today.

August 18, 2008

Beyonce to Launch a Jewelry Line...

Beyonce Knowles and her mother, Tina, are known for glamming it up with piles of diamond jewelry by the likes of Lorraine Schwartz, but now the duo wants to offer bling at an accessible price. Industry sources say Dereon, the junior sportswear brand founded by the Knowleses, has inked a deal with Carolee Jewelry to create a fashion jewelry collection for the label. The line is expected to hit stores in spring. Carolee and Dereon could not be reached for comment.

[Source: Beyonce World]

Marvin Gaye, NIKE, U.S. Men's Basketball Team Ad..

I know I haven't mentioned the Olympics in Berlin since my post on Team America wearing Ralph Lauren, but I've been watching it enough. Enough to know that Michael Phelps couldn't be stopped!  That and the female gymnasts from China did look a little young.  

Anyhoo, peep the Nike ad below with Marvin Gaye singing the National Anthem, looking and sounding cooler than everybody, along with the U.S. Basketball Team (The "Redeem Team").  Nice.  Marvin Gaye is certainly in the category of being taken away from us way too soon...

More on the legendary Marvin Gaye here.

Is That You "Lynn?"

Actress Persia White ("Lynn" from "Girlfriends") was spotted at the Backstage Creations Celebrity Retreat at the 2008 ALMA Awards on August 17, 2008 in Pasadena, California.

August 15, 2008

A Few Pics From LA Reid's Recent Hamptons Party...

The Hamptons has long been a playground for the very rich.  Below are a few pics from LA Reid's "Summer of Love" bash on August 9, 2008 at his house there..

Mariah posed with Mary J and I'm loving Mary's dress.

Mariah and Nick having fun.

LA Reid's wife, Erica, Mary J. and Star Jones pose for a pic.

Ciara and LL both look cute.

Big Plans to BAN Size 0 Models Comes to an END.

"Oh well!  The whole 'ban on skinny models' thing that we had planned isn't really working, sooo we're just gonna go ahead and scrap that whole idea..." 
That's basically what this article says in a nutshell.  Unbelievable.

An initiative to banish "size zero" models from Britain's catwalks has been abandoned after other fashion capitals refused to follow London's lead.

The planned requirement for models to obtain a doctor's certificate proving that they were in good health had stong government support. But it was feared that models would boycott London Fashion Week, and New York, Paris and Milan said that the measure was unworkable.

Hilary Riva, chief executive of the British Fashion Council, will confirm that the scheme is being dropped in an open letter to the industry today.

Ms Riva blamed impracticalities in implementing the health certificate plan, a feeling among models that it discriminated against them and a lack of support from industry bodies in the other fashion capitals.

Spotted Out: Tamera Mowry..

Tamera Mowry was spotted out looking cute at the PiNKiTUDE and Susan G. Komen for the Cure's Benefit event at Zune LA on August 14, 2008 in Los Angeles.

Meet Michelle Obama Dress Designer, Maria Pinto..

Though she is not Mrs. Obama's exclusive dressmaker, Ms. Pinto, a designer known for luxuriant evening wear, is a favorite of Mrs. Obama, who wore buzzed-about Pinto creations when her husband announced his candidacy and on the night of the notorious fist-bump before his speech claiming the Democratic nomination, among other occasions.
....She met Mrs. Obama a few years ago through a friend. "Michelle came in just like everyone else and said: 'I need a few dresses. I need a suit for work,' " Ms. Pinto said.

As Mrs. Obama’s fashion presence has risen, so has that of Ms. Pinto, a former Geoffrey Beene assistant. After 16 years in the business, she opened her first boutique Tuesday night in the arty West Loop, near downtown Chicago. Was the timing fortuitous?

Ms. Pinto said the shop was in the works for at least a year. “We’re not Balenciaga, we’re not Gucci,” she said, “so it’s great that there are women that are free thinkers that come to us and help us establish the brand.”  [Source, Source]

August 14, 2008

Products Offer a Healthy Tan Glow Year Round..

No reason to look pasty just because the Fall/Winter season is around the corner. Just don't overdo it. Powder bronzers are one of my very faves.

Hip Look of the Day...

Katie Luong attended the "In Search of a Midnight Kiss" Los Angeles premiere and party on August 13, 2008 looking hip.  I love this whole look, and black and white is always classic together.  I just wish she was "working it" more.

Love Loss...

Jennifer Love Hewitt recently loss 18 lbs. in 10 weeks (she looks great) and she talks about it in the latest issue of US Weekly Magazine.

Back in November, Jennifer Love Hewitt was criticized for weight gain after photos surfaced of her looking fuller-figured in a bikini in Hawaii.

"We know what you ate this summer, Love – everything!" notoriously wrote.

Now, the Ghost Whisperer star has the last laugh.

In the new issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands now, the 32-year-old shows off the new body she got after just 10 weeks and her trainer reveals to Us exclusively how she lost 18 pounds.

"I am in a pretty good workout regimen that I like, so it inspired me to keep it up," Hewitt tells Us. "The energy level and the way I feel now is great."

"With her, it's not, 'I want to look good in that dress,'" trainer Stevie Sant'Angelo tells Us. "She wanted to start moving around because she thought it would make her feel better.

"She told me, 'They said some rude, mean things, but that's not why I wanted to change,'" Sant'Angelo says.

Check out the latest issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands now, for Hewitt's complete workout routine and diet plan plus what inspired her to change her ways and an update on her upcoming wedding to Ross McCall.


Transgender "Top Model" Discussion [VIDEO]

The subject of transgender people or "Trannies" is so far out of my element, you don't even know. I know some people are experts on the lifestyle, and I'm just not! I swear I hardly know anything. But with "America's Next Top Model" featuring one this upcoming season (Isis), those of us that aren't that deep "in the know" are about to learn a whole lot. [because of language.. well one word, video slightly NSFW]

Visit Top Model 411 for info on trying out for Top Model Cycle 12.

Isis Speaks!

Spotted Out: Brad and Zahara..

Brad and 3 year old Zahara were spotted out visiting a museum in Saint Paul de Vence, France on 8/13/08.

August 13, 2008

Army Green Shorty Jumpsuit...

Fergie was spotted out in London wearing this cute military inspired shorty jumpsuit.  I really think that the cute shorty ones are growing on me.

Project Runway Preview for 8/13

Another celebrity guest judge makes an appearance this week... Project Runway airs Wednesdays at 9/8 Central.

Chef Sam Zien Wants Kathie Lee To Shut Her Pie Hole..

"Can I talk?!" That's what Chef Sam Zien a.k.a. "Sam the Cooking Guy" tells Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb on the 4th hour segment of the Today Show when they kept interrupting him during his cooking segment. Hilarious. Is this becoming a regular feature on this site or what?! I'm gonna start a new label for it just in case.

New Top Model Girls (Cycle 11) Revealed...

Joslyn is one of the newest Top Model girls from Cycle 11, and she's from Louisiana!  So naturally I wanna see her do well.  To see photos of all 14 finalist from America's Next Top Model Cycle 11, visit my other new site Top Model 411.

America's Next Top Model Cycle 11 airs on September 3.

August 12, 2008

Fashion Rocks Magazine Scans: Rihanna...

A couple scans of Rihanna from the Fashion Rocks Magazine that comes out in September.  This chicks makeup is always near perfection.  Fabulous.

Tyra Celebrates Historic Italian Vogue on Her Show...

Models Chanel Iman, Veronica Webb, Noemie Lenoir, Selita Ebanks, Beverly Johnson and others joined Tyra to celebrate the historic all Black issue of Italian Vogue on August 12, 2008 in NYC.  The episode is scheduled to air on September 11, 2008 on "Tyra".