January 21, 2009

Jill Biden's Red Inaugural Dress was by Reem Acra...

Am I the only one fascinated with Jill and Joe Biden? They seem so down to earth, I honestly just want to hang out with them, laugh and eat barbeque together. It's funny, but I don't ever remember having the same warm and fuzzy feelings towards any other Vice President and his wife. Anyways designer Reem Acra is fast becoming the "go to" designer for red gowns. Remember this red number that Eva Longoria Parker wore recently to the Golden Globes? That was Reem Acra as well. Anyhoo, I thought Jill Biden (she's so tiny!) was stunning in red during the inaugural balls. 


  1. She is elegant, intelligent, and every fashion selection she made was impecable. They, Jill and Joe, looked very very comfortable and Executive. What a great image for the United States.

  2. No you're not the only one! I love the Bidens too, although I also think the Obamas are the most down to earth First Family we've had, well, probably ever. I mostly love how these two guys are completely smitten with their wives and aren't afraid to show it. Wouldn't it be great if treating women with great respect, for their brains and beauty, was the next great fad!

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  3. I agree with you. I was so happy when Obama picked Biden as his running mate. They make a great team. I would love to spend time with the Obama and Biden families. They are wonderful American families.