January 26, 2009

SAG Awards: Best and Worst of the Red Carpet [LINK]

I disagreed with the people over at Yahoo on a couple of their "best" and "worst"choices. For instance, Angelina Jolie should NOT have been on the best dressed list. Her Max Azria dress was boring enough to put you to sleep. She could have just worn a hospital gown. And Jane Krakowski (from "30 Rock") should NOT have been on the worst dressed list IMHO. Now I'll admit, the extremely low cut in front was a bit severe, but other than that, it had clean lines! And pockets! And did you see her dress from the opposite side? It had an athletic inspired racerback design in the back that I loved. I thought her dress was fabulous. I was pretty much on the same page with the rest of it.

Click here to see the rest of Yahoo's photo gallery of the best and worst dress of the Screen Actor's Guild Red Carpet.

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  1. I agree Angeline Jolie should have made the worst dress list, from head to toe; her hair style was wacked and the dress looked like she pulled it from the back of her closet. Some on the best dress is on there just because of their NAME!