January 15, 2009

This Right Here Was a MIRACLE.

US Airways Flight 1549 crash landed into the Hudson River on January 15th, and everybody, EVERYBODY walked safely off that piece. This whole event was a miracle from heaven! And the pilot, Chesley Sullenberger needs to get some kind of Congressional medal of honor, a front row seat at the presidential inauguration [*Update: DONE], a purple heart, a key to the city, a People's Choice Award and free Pizza Hut thin crust pizza for life. Mr. Sullenberger was the last to exit the plane and he walked the aisle, not once, but twice to make sure that everyone had safely exited the aircraft. See, this incident right here is why people should always pray before takeoff and landing. I will never, ever be convinced that somebody on this flight didn't say a prayer. Prayer works.

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  1. Amen, sista!!! You said everything I was thinking or had said earlier!