February 22, 2009

Beyonce's Massively OVERPOSED Oscar Night...

WTH is this pose about?! Is she showing off her rings?

I don't know who is telling Beyonce that posing really stiff like a mannequin is the business, but whoever this person is, really needs to be FIRED.

Beyonce in a House of Dereon Gown

I realize I'm risking possible hate mail with this post, but really, Beyonce's overposed red carpet shots from the 2009 Oscars just went on and on and on and on. Really, they just kept going. Is it just me, or is she ALWAYS super stiff and overposed on the red carpet? Like right here from a couple years ago. And again here and here. Honestly, I really wish Beyonce would just loosen up and RELAX and have fun for once when she's attending these things. Well... if no one else is gonna tell her, then I guess I will. Beyonce, hon, your red carpet shots are usually way overdone. Time to dial it back a notch.


  1. Yeah...not to sure about that hand and shoulder pose, but I DO like the gown.

  2. LMAO! at your comments about her poses.
    You're right tho, and yes...her gown is FIE!

  3. She's not going to scale it back now...

    just going to get more dramatic.

    But yeah, she does always looks uncomfortable when she poses.

  4. I did not like the dress at all, it didn't make it into my Oscar post. =p I agree, she tries waay too hard to be a diva on the red carpet.

  5. ^^^^^^

    In agreement with you and the blog entry in general.

  6. I was wondering what was up with all the poses. I like her, but this was ridiculous.b

  7. The more I see this dress, the more I like it. I will admit I disliked it at first but it certainly has a lot of presence. Anyway she looks like she is enjoying herself.