February 19, 2009

Fun, Fall Fashion at Milly's 2009 Fall/Winter Show...

Readers of this blog know by now that I'm a HUGE fan of ANYTHING CUTE (which should explain my obsession with designers like Tracy Reese and Erin Fetherston). And Milly designer Michelle Smith didn't disappoint in her Fall/Winter offerings. If you were heavy into "the cuteness" like me, then you'd have fun wearing just about every ensemble she sent down the runway. Love. See a video clip of Milly's Fall 2009 show below:


  1. SO cute!!

    So, im so excited to say that i bought my first Sewing Machine yesterday!!


  2. You GO Mallory! And congrats on getting your first sewing machine!

    "Rewarding" doesn't seem a strong enough word for being able to create your own things... I honestly hope you enjoy it.