February 1, 2009

Jennifer Hudson's Superbowl National Anthem...

First off, congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers, as they are the first franchise to win 6 Superbowls, and even more fascinating is their super young coach, Mike Tomlin. He's only the 2nd Black head coach to win a Superbowl (following in the footsteps of Tony Dungee who was commentating tonight). And because Coach Mike Tomlin is basically a toddler in NFL Coaching years, at only 36 years old, he's also the youngest head coach to EVER win a Superbowl! Awesome. Check out Jennifer Hudson's first performance since her family tragedies singing the National Anthem before the game below. And even though Jennifer looked a bit nervous, I thought she killt it! Fab. U. Lous. So glad she's back.


  1. suchhhhh power and strength!!
    it's good to see her again!!!!

  2. I can watch this over and over. What a beautiful performance.