February 6, 2009

My Red Dress Collection...

Red lace cocktail mini, strapless red and white cotton paisley dress, sleeveless lace cocktail mini. 

Red & white chiffon baby doll, red & white resort maxi dress (with pockets!), red plaid sheath dress with satin belt.

These are all dresses I've sewn myself, the earliest being the strapless cotton paisley (top, middle), and the latest are the two lace minis. The lace mini with the sleeve (top left) was inspired by this Kimora Lee Simmons look. My dress has a similar, shorty fit. I've shown you the red plaid sheath and the maxi dress before (see more of my sewing style here) See? I've been sewing! And since these dresses had a red theme, well I thought what better time to display them than the  month of ♥February♥ and today (Feb. 6) being National wear red day. I hope you're wearing your red today! Well needless to say, I'm proud of these dresses, but I would love to know your thoughts on them either in the comments or by taking the poll below.


  1. Planning on selling them? And how's Paris? Are you living there for good?

  2. Paris???! Where did you get the DELICIOUSLY FABULOUS idea that I lived in PARIS?! No VOD, I've lived stateside all my life (Louisiana, Texas, and California-for school)

    But as for my dress collection, YES, I'm currently in production now (which is basically ME cutting and sewing) on pieces that I'll offer for sale on Etsy.com coming soon!

  3. I apologize, I must've mixed you up with another blogger.

    I like the dresses and will look for them when they're out. :-)

  4. I love the maxi dress Chanel. Can you please make me one and the black and white skirt and top you wore to Tre's wedding? RT