February 4, 2009

Ugg Boot Sales Remain Strong in Economic Downturn..

Ugg boots. I'll tell you, people either love them or they hate them. And "Ugg hate" goes far beyond dislike, into another whole realm of cringe and loathing. But I have to admit, I'm ok with them. And apparently, I'm not alone:

Aside from spending less [in this economic downturn], shoppers are choosing differently when they indulge. What are they buying? In a word, Uggs. If it seemed like those sheepskin baked potatoes were on everyone's feet last year, that's because they pretty much were, with sales growing a whopping 57 percent. Shoppers have shifted their top priority from looking good to feeling good, says Elaine Goldstein, chairwoman of the accessories design department at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Consumers want their purchases to make them feel good about themselves, whether the rationale behind the buy is "They're so comfortable I'll wear them everywhere" or "They're so well-made I'll keep them for years."

If I'm flying on a plane to almost ANYWHERE, they're on my feet. I CANNOT have cold feet on a plane. I've experienced having cold feet on a plane a while back. We were stuck on a tarmac for 2 hours before we could take off and it was excruciatingly painful sitting there with flimsy sandals on and freezing cold feet. Nope. Won't happen again. 


  1. thanks for putting up this post. really interesting and good to know that a company other than wal-mart is doing well during the recession. I'm not letting go of my stunner heels though darling!!

  2. I heart my uggs too, but you know what I love even more? The Ugg loafers and ballet flats! Same Ugg warmth and a bit easier to take off when you're in the security line.