March 22, 2009

Check Out My Style Diary Over at!

Remember when I used to keep a style diary right here on Hip Candy? Doesn't ring any bells? That's probably because I haven't done it in FOREVER. Well I just joined a new social networking site ( geared towards just that. Keeping a style diary. I've only been a member for like 2 seconds, but I've been doing pretty good with keeping up with my entries. I guess it's because it's a whole community of people sharing what they're wearing (that rhymes!) and getting feedback. It's kinda like working out harder at the gym because you're around other people working out hard. 

I wore the all black ensemble pictured above recently to a fashion show. I made the top, and I was experimenting with the current "Hammer Pants" trend. And I wasn't as freaked out about wearing the Hammer pants as I thought I would be. Well, maybe I was.. just a little. So check me out over at Chictopia (my user name is nbr5, get it?), sign up yourself to be a member (it's free) and I'd love, love, love it if you used my referral code NBR5444 when you signed up. You don't have to sign up to browse the site, but you do have to be a member to upload your own stylish photos and to comment on others. Chictopia operates on a point based system, but that's because there's fabulous prizes involved! Chictopia is a social network that rewards it's members for using it. Nice. 

Visit Chanel (nbr5) on Chictopia

And there's still time enter to win the designer Rebecca Taylor dress (valued at $153!) if you haven't already! Enter today!

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