March 3, 2009

Halle Berry Launches New Scent...

This week Halle Berry releases her own Halle by Halle Berry perfume, along with Coty, after two years of research and work. The scent is meant to be reminiscent of the beach and evoke "the spirit of a woman who is effortlessly sexy, stylish, and elegant." The promotional photos are out, and seen below

Last year Halle told the WWD:

'(Before Halle by Halle Berry) I was mixing other brands that shall remain nameless to make my own scent with fig and mimosa. 'With Halle, I added olibanum, which is an African root, which brings spice to the fragrance, and sandalwood, which smoothes everything out and makes it yummy. 'It's very sensual, very natural, very much reflective of the outdoors.'

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