March 27, 2009

Shopping While Black: An Eye Opening Experiment...

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I went into watching this KNOWING the whole basis and background of this experiment. I knew all the people involved were actors... and it still really upset me. It upset me more than I even realized it would...

ABC News' "What Would You Do?" set up the largest hidden camera operation in the show's history in New York City's Soho neighborhood at the chic clothing boutique Unpomela. It was practically the only store the show could find willing to experiment with something so controversial.

The show hired actors to play a racist store clerk and security guard, both armed with words that would make even the most apathetic shopper flinch. An actor was hired to pose as the black shopper, the target of the abuse.

In a 2007 Gallup survey, 47 percent of black people surveyed said they are not treated equally by retailers. More than one-quarter of those surveyed felt they were targeted because of their race while shopping in the last 30 days.

Click here to watch VIDEO "Shopping While Black"

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  1. Oh wow I know what you mean. I was tearing up near the end. That was so humiliating. I would have stood up for her for sure. They would have searched me too if I were in that store. But it bugged me a lot that they changed her hair at the end as if that made her worse or something. I hope they were just doing that to make her look different not implying that someone with natural hair should be trusted less than someone with relaxed hair. That hasn't happened to me in Canada, but if it did I would never shop in that store again.