March 29, 2009

Two Dresses With an Extra Side of Splenda...

Two yellow dresses, both with pockets!

I just finished the strapless dress on the right (on 3/28/09) for one of my most favorite cousins who shall remain nameless, whose birthday I missed recently and she was none too pleased with me. I did it as a surprise for her. And to make up for missing her birthday. I don't usually like sewing (custom) for people I much prefer just doing "ready-to-wear." If people like it, then I love it. I have a few pieces of my "ready-to-wear" things in my etsy store right now. Have you been to my etsy store? I'm still putting fun stuff in there, but you should really give it a look see if you haven't already!

Anyhoo, yesterday when I was done with my cousin's dress, I wanted to see how it looked with a tie belt and all I had on hand was a piece of red scrap satin fabric. It was long enough so I tied it on, and as soon as I had it on, the dress instantly looked like a cupcake to me. These two dresses together are like a Splenda explosion! All the brightness! But that being said, bright color was still one of the top 10 trends for Spring '09, so turns out, I wasn't that far off after all. I still have to put the ruffle hem on her dress, the same as on my yellow mini dress (and you've seen my yellow mini dress before. Remember my "Juicy Inspiration?") I think I'm going to make her a green tie belt (instead of the red) to cut back on some of the sugary sweetness. I think a green belt would make it more "Springtime." 
What do ya'll think?

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  1. The red belt is fly! Green or turquois (sp?) would be really springtime. Love the concept! you know this is my all time fav CWD!