April 20, 2009

Designer Shoes by Christian Siriano Coming to Payless This Fall..

Christian Siriano from "Project Runway" is releasing a line of designer shoes at Payless for Fall 2009. His platform sandals will retail for under $45, and a few celebrities have already gotten their hands on a pair (see Mena Suvari wearing the exact pair here to a red carpet event). 

Payless must have really been paying attention to the wild success of other retailers accessibly priced designer lines like Target's Go! International lines and H&M's designer lines. Payless is really gonna increase their style quotient with the addition of their own designer shoe lines. Nice.


  1. Hmmm.... I'm gonna need to see the rest of his line... b/c I can't work with the chains and platform thing going on in those right there.

    He's still "FIERCE" though!

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