May 19, 2009

Fashion No No...

Video girl, former Fanta girl, singer & actress Katerina Graham showed up to a benefit for the Los Angeles Children's Hospital with this completely inappropriate outfit on. A "Dime Piece" tank top with a tongue hanging out, an exposed bra and dripping red lipstick at a hospital benefit for sick CHILDREN. Really? And don't even get me started on those insanely hideous leggings.. FAIL.


  1. Maybe she was trying to be smart and plan ahead to the next event she was going to which must have been some sort of obnoxious outfit party.

  2. lol Chelsea! IDK where she thought she was going, and this outfit would have been fine at a movie premier or a Hollywood party, but a hospital benefit for sick children? No.

  3. Maybe all her clothes got stolen and she had to go in what she'd slept in.