May 6, 2009

Man Sues NOPD Over Right to Wear a Skirt in Public...

NEW ORLEANS (via HuffPo)- A man sued the New Orleans Police Department, claiming he was harassed by an officer who threatened to arrest him for wearing a black pinstriped skirt to municipal court. Jeremy Don Kerr is asking for $1 in damages, a ruling that his rights were violated, and an order against barring access to public facilities because of gender stereotyping.

The department hasn't been served with the lawsuit and hasn't answered the claim in court. Kerr filed the civil rights lawsuit last month. He said he finds skirts more comfortable than pants, and wears them with button-down oxfords or T-shirts.

And he said women love it.

The Times-Picayune

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  1. I'm not surprised that he's suing. Where in the rulebook does it say that men can't wear skirts? Besides, that looks more like a kilt!