May 23, 2009

SHOCK: Halle Berry Does a Redo of Her Short Do...

TMZ's camera's spotted Halle Berry out and about recently with a much shorter haircut. It's vintage Halle! I honestly think she's cute with long or short hair...

Throwback Halle from back in the day...


  1. YAYYYYYYY!!!!! *clap clap clap clap* I think she is so gorgeous with short hair. The bob she's been sporting recently kinda gave her the soccer mom look.

    Now I have to resist the temptation to cut mine *on my knees praying facing east with rosary beads, a bottle of olive oil, and a statue of buddah*

  2. "The Hallie Cut" is the reason why I cut my hair. The cut make you look is so sophisticated and chic. Order has been restored!

  3. she is so gorgeous!!! the short do makes her eyes pop!